Black bridesmaid dresses: designer tips.


Black bridesmaid dresses“Hello! I am 29 years old, 169 cm, accountant (on maternity leave)

Problem: there is a black bridesmaid dress.


What here you can choose as an accessory? Should it be high-heeled shoes?

Thank you in advance!


And here are my recommendations:

Hi, Catherine!

First of all, when I look at a black bridesmaid dress, I remember the brilliant image of Audrey Hepburn.

Audry hepburn style

This black bridesmaid dress itself is quite neutral and refers rather to the classical style. But with the help of the accessories its style can be turned into a dramatic, hard-romantic, naive, romantic and regal-classical side. For the purity of the image all its accessories must be designed in the same style, as well as the shape of hairstyles and makeup style.

Unfortunately, I can not say that black dress – ideal option for bridesmaid if the wedding is in the summer in the morning or afternoon hours. More traditional choice is light colors. But if this is an option for an evening out at a restaurant, under appropriate supplements such dress may be well appropriate.

It is fashionable to arrange a wedding in the same style, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail: the dress, bouquet, groom’s suit, table decorations and Hall. Even if you do not manage to find out what the entourage for the wedding couple decide to choose, you should be able to clarify what the dress the bride choose. And thus you can more harmoniously fit into the aesthetics of the wedding.

For example, if the bride chose a dress in the Greek style – with antique folds, and often with a high waistline, then I suggest you pay attention to the following set:

This outfit will slightly resemble the image of Queen Nefertiti, which, of course, lived in the period preceding the antiquity, but still close to it.

I did not offer here pronounced Egyptian motifs. A hint in the form of a massive neck decorations, a combination of black and gold and bluish-green, turquoise shades enough.

You can add to a black bridesmaid dresses bolero with chiseled shape.

Black and gold bridesmaid dresses


If the wedding dress in a classic style, fairly simple in form and very elegant, it is a perfect stylization image for Audrey Hepburn, which I mentioned above.

Audrey had long gloves that are more suitable for the theater rather than a restaurant, but I still decided to mention them here.

You can add to a black bridesmaid dresses the classic white waistcoat, a little in the style of men’s dress coat.

Black bridesmaid dresses long

Often the brides like to choose “princess” dress with a narrow bodice and very full skirt and often finished in the form of bows or ruff. In this case, pay attention to set in naive and romantic style.

Supplement for a black bridesmaid dresses can be shortened jacket of soft creamy lace or lace vest colors.

Set black bridesmaid dress

Maybe the bride chose a royal gown with rich embroidery and rhinestone trim, golden ribbons, or taffeta? Then your dress can be like this.

Add to a black bridesmaid dresses jacquard bolero. The combination of black with bronze and emerald will look just as regal as the wedding dress.

Black bridesmaids dresses

If the wedding dress is slightly avant-garde and made from , for example, hard satin, but with a simple finish without quilling and bows, your image in the style of Art Deco can be quite harmonize with it.

You can complete a black bridesmaid dresses with unusual light cloak or cape.

Set long black bridesmaid dresses with jacket

And it may happen that the wedding dress is very romantic, in sophisticated color (eg purplish hues), decorated with exquisite lace or embroidered with beads. In this case, gather the set in hard-romantic style, which combines the color of aged gold with pink and lilac shades.

You can can add to a black bridesmaid dresses interesting bolero from the texture of the material pinkish-beige color.

Black bridesmaid dresses long set

Looking at all of the proposed kits you might think that all of these accessories can be very expensive, several times more expensive than the black bridesmaid dresses. But I can assure you that you can find similar ones, or even their own cost in stores accessories and jewelry.

Summarizing the above, I can say that the wedding – a bright and joyous celebration. And being invited to the wedding as guests try to match the aesthetics of the event. If you have firmly decided to wear a black bridesmaid dress, add to it elegant accessories in the style of wedding dress, to make your dress as a backdrop. It does not matter what heel will you choose, the main thing that the whole image look harmoniously, holistically and you like it.

Anna Gor