Black lace wedding dress – dark or stylish


Here is a closer photo of me in my black lace wedding dress! The first time I tried on the dress in black was the week before my wedding when the dress came in. It was a risk and a risk I’m so glad I took! Styling for your wedding day should be fun! It doesn’t mean you have to try on hundreds. It’s about finding one and saying I’m going with it because it makes me happy, and not necessarily because it’s what everyone wants me to wear. Trust me, there were people that didn’t want me to wear black. I can be insecure and from every client I’ve met the past 10 years I’ve learned that every single person has insecurities. When I walked down the aisle I never felt more beautiful. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks. Stop bringing a judging panel into the bridal salon. Try on dresses and pick the one you feel happiest in and you will never ever regret it! At the end of the day it’s about love and there should only be a lovely bridal experience that comes along with it.

What about the more ambitious option?

It’s not a secret that the lace is used in the decoration of weddings in large quantities, its beauty and tenderness captivated the hearts of decorators, designers, fashion designers and honeymooners.

However, in general, for weddings prefer to choose bright colors of this material – white, beige, milky, pale pink.

Black lace wedding dress can bring horror, it can be audacious, original or stylish. But in the hands of competent decorators black lace in a special way decorates a wedding celebration, it adds the notes of strict design and refined luxury.

History of fashion

If you ask the opinion of designers, they are sure that such a choice does not seem tasteless, strange or unusual. In the history of fashion there were brides who chose for the wedding black lace wedding dress .

Baroness Cassandra Akkurti – Parisian hostess Russian fashion house “Ardans” – offered black lace wedding dress with elegant black-brown fox as a wedding dress in the 30s of the last century. Black wedding dress, in her opinion, – the choice of brides who get married for the third time. For the second wedding was offered pink range, for the first – the traditional white color.

In Russia, the idea of black wedding dress has not caught on, because the black color is associated with the negative, mourning. Although there are other associations with black – magic, mystery. Some people believe that black wedding dress, on the contrary, does not attract but repel negativity, they believe that it is a sign of rebirth, conscious acceptance of women’s new roles.

Marilyn Monroe black lace wedding dressMarilyn Monroe was in the black

Marilyn Monroe for the second wedding of her life with baseball player Joe DiMaggio purchased black wedding dress for only $ 250 in the usual shop. In 1999, a private American collector could become the owner of this iconic outfit for the sum of 33,500 dollars.


Sarah Jessica Parker was also in black

Sarah Jessica Parker black lace wedding dressSarah Jessica Parker, too, wished to get married in a black wedding dress.

Black lace wedding dress – advantages

White dress is easily soiled but in a black wedding dress you can safely walk in the streets and enjoy the photo session on the beach. Black lace wedding dress is sexy and slim the bride. Black lace wedding dress attracts attention, gives a touch of solemnity and formality.

Black dress – cons

The black color is not for everyone. It emphasizes the dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, excessive shade, so make-up must be particularly careful. Wedding photos can get boring.

Bride in black lace wedding dress – Creative Bride

Designer Vera Wang, one of the trendsetter of modern wedding fashion, she is sure that, if the bride chose black lace wedding dress, she is bold and creative because she challenged superstition.

Black lace wedding dress – to sew or to buy?

It is easy to buy today ready black lace wedding dress today. Vendors say that such dress – eye-catcher, it is elegant and stylish. If the bride has a non-standard form, or can not find anything, then it is better to sew a dress, elaborate style.

Black wedding dress – what else tissue to choose?

Designers advise brides to avoid extremes – frivolity and austerity. Black wedding dress should not be dull or frank. From fabrics are welcome: lace, the elegant silk, perky tulle, iridescent organza.

Wedding dress with black trim.

For brides who want to dress in black lace wedding dress, but who are not sure, designers advised to focus on the traditional snow-white dress, but to richly decorate it black or dark finish – flowers, lace decorations and ribbons.

Black and white can be combined in different ways

Creative ladies can combine black and white in different ways. For example, the upper half – white, and the bottom – black color, black corset and fluffy snow-white skirt, vertical separation of black / white.

White wedding dress with black lace overlay