How to choose maternity dresses


The first four to five months of pregnancy do not get rid of the casual clothes. Knitted dresses, tunics or loose-fitting high-waisted trousers, sports suits of soft tissue are designed even to be comfortable in last months of pregnancy. But sometimes even in the early stages you need the special maternity dresses – for example, if you are expecting twins or pregnancy is not the first, as in this case, the belly usually grows faster.

Maternity dresses are different from the usual?

  • It sits better – because that takes into account not only the growth of the belly, as well as changes in the shape of the back, hips, shoulders and buttocks;
  • Maternity dresses are safe for mother and baby: does not hinder the blood flow, does not restrict movement and breathing, does not pinch the belly, and “grows” along with him, as a style of dress provides adjustment of waist size;
  • Maternity dresses, as a rule, are sew from eco-friendly fabrics – linen, cotton, wool, which allow oxygen and do not cause allergies;
  • Some models of maternity dresses – nursing dresses – can be used for feeding, which is extremely convenient;
  • During the period of recovery after childbirth maternity dresses will be a convenient and elegant solution.

How to look slimmer?

The general rule to choose maternity dresses: chest, shoulders and abdomen need to be emphasized. Note the pattern: the strip should be oblique (horizontal and vertical stripes are contraindicated), dress decorated with large flower is not for all, but this print looks advantageous at the hem of the dress or skirt. And, of course, should take into account the features of the figure.

  • For short and full women – semilying silhouette, with vertical lines cut. Select maternity dresses from the dense jersey – but those that hide the body folds. Wear clothes in one color, complementing it by different accessories (scarf, handkerchief, long beads). Avoid clothes with a large pattern.
  • For short and thin women it is better to avoid the contrast division – for example, a white top and black bottom – because this combination is visually cut the figure in half, highlighting a slight increase.
  • Best set for high and full women – tunic and leggings, or even better, narrow silhouette pants.
  • With high growth and lean figure you do not have problems, you can wear whatever you like.

To look slimmer, flashy, contrast, large prints should be avoided. Preferably calm drawing in one color. Fabric with a matte surface does not increase the volume, so it is better than brilliant fabric. Knits and fabrics with elastane are very comfortable, as maternity dresses should be stretched (on the belly).

Lace maternity dress

Pregnant woman in a lace maternity dress looks particularly feminine and delicate.

Lace maternity dress is dressy without additional effort and instantly gives a festive mood.

One of the important advantages of a lace maternity dress is that it emphasizes the benefit figure and accentuates the rounded tummy. So if you’re not willing to disclose your status, choose a lace dress for pregnant women free cut. This dress will further prolong your little secret.

Maternity maxi dress