Maternity wedding dresses


Wedding – is one of the most important events in the life of every women, as well as pregnancy. If the celebration is planned in the summer, a good solution would be short maternity wedding dresses. Lightweight, breathable fabric will help to do not feel the heat and loose cropped styles will not hamper the movement. In this dress you will be very comfortable and not too hot.

Nowadays, many people are married, when they are waiting for the child, but some people try to postpone the event, believing that they would not look so attractive. But actually it is not true. Maternity wedding dresses are presented in a large assortment, there are many beautiful and original model, so you should not have doubt that the bride will look attractive.

All maternity wedding dresses take into account the anatomical features and, with rare exceptions, they are helping to make a pregnant belly as inconspicuous as possible.

Lace maternity wedding dress

Wedding dresses, sewn from lace fabric, looks especially beautiful on pregnant bride. Lace maternity wedding dress even does not need to be complemented by various elements, the girls look smartly without them. But in some cases, maternity wedding dresses are decorated with beads, sequins, crystals, colored sashes. Pregnant bride in lace maternity wedding dress looks particularly feminine and delicate.

The pregnancy can be visible and will remain almost invisible. It depends on selected style of lace maternity wedding dress. Especially the color of fabric is important. It is better to give preference to pastel tones.

Selection of lace maternity wedding dress as wide as it is for otheк brides. Depending on the period you can choose dress bustier, A-Line, short dress Ampir or short lush model.

Straps and fishnet hose are not excluded. Only the sleeve-lantern is not relevant, since it gives additional volume to the figure. This also applies to frill, big bows, frills. If the bride is not shy about her position, she can emphasize its with beautiful satin belt.

Ball gowns

In recent years, short maternity wedding dresses with a fluffy skirt is a trend. These dresses are a model of the 50s, and still fashion comebacks. Even celebrities prefer the short version of the maternity wedding dresses.

Of course, you can not use the corset in the later stages of pregnancy, you need a model with a high waist, but the skirt, which consists of a large number of layers will take all the attention. You can also choose a model with a deep V-neck.

Thanks to the lush maternity wedding dresses you can hide a pregnancy on the fourth or even the fifth month.

Straight cut dress

Straight cut maternity wedding dresses will be one of the best options, with which you can make your silhouette more refined. Small elements on the dress will help to realize it, such as the lightweight belt under the breast, or a brooch. At the same time decollete zone should be closed.


Pregnant bride will feel especially comfortable in A-silhouette maternity wedding dresses. This option is ideal for those who do not hide their positions. The dress that makes the bride’s silhouette A-shaped, looks good in the early stages of pregnancy and later. It can be ordered with the bolero: it will be very handy for those who like a dress, but still do not want to show his tummy, and in cool weather you will not be cold, because the open parts of the body are covered with a bolero of lace fabric or satin.

Short dress in the Greek style (Ampir)

Maternity wedding dresses in the Greek style – a good option for expectant mothers. The main part of the dress – a raised top, which is very nice to women with large breasts. Therefore, during pregnancy it perfectly emphasizes the dignity of the bride.

An attractive feature of style is a tissue that very beautifully falls in waves down. It is not only pregnant, many brides like maternity wedding dresses in the Greek style too, because all figure flaws are hidden.

Ampir maternity wedding dresses is needed decoration. One option may be the tape under the breast, bow-flower that as the tape can be decorated with stones, pearls or just made of lace.


Pregnant women should pay attention to transformer maternity wedding dresses. This variant differs significantly from the classical dresses. Apart from the fact that the dress is made in the original design, the risk to get lost in long petticoats is reducing. During the festive event, you can not just to sit at the table and accept congratulations from the guests, but also to spend the evening on the dance floor, showing guests your beautiful legs, and be sure that your maternity wedding dress is in safety.

Other options

There are other options for maternity wedding dresses.

One of the most popular style is “fish tail” when the front legs of the bride are opened and the dress slowly turns into a beautiful long tail behind. As maternity wedding dresses any way should be raised, let look it naturally.

Jackets are better for this type of maternity wedding dresses than traditional veil. This fashion item that is dressed over the bride’s dress will help to hide the volumes and will look very original.

Several recommendations

If the bride is still opted for a short maternity wedding dress, it is necessary to pay attention to some tips that will make the image of a more complete:

  1. If you chose the dress in the style of the 50s, it is worth to choose the same style for accessories.
  2. More elongated hairstyle will help to distract the attention of guests from the roundness of the figure.
  3. It is better to abandoned the heavy fabrics. More airy maternity wedding dresses help to make the image of a bride more light, charming and gentle.
  4. It is also better to abandoned the shoes with high heels or stilettos, because this accessory can badly affect the health. At the same time shoes should not be on the strap, so that the foot is not visually shortened.
  5. Stockings or tights should not be too tight, in order not to over-tighten the legs.

Drawing attention to these recommendations, every pregnant woman who gets married, will be able to look and feel good in any maternity wedding dress in such a memorable day.

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